sexual violence against us - verbal, digital, domestic, emotional. how many unreported cases are there, and how do we bring light into the darkness?

we, Kim Hoss and Lise van Wersch, founded THE SIRENS COLLECTIVE - a place where we collect and archive experiences to make clear how big the problem is. if your boundaries have been crossed, you are in the right place. There is no limit to "how bad" or "big" your assault must have been for you to tell us your story. we show everything; the reported, but especially the unreported assaults. important: you are more than welcome to tell multiple and as many stories as you want to.

embodying the siren requires us to explore things that are taboo. the siren laughs at conventions and constraints. she eats rules. we dig deep. to a place where lessons are learned and courage must be rallied to find our way back to dry land. we explore places that hurt to tell, hurt to listen, and hurt to change, but also those that must change. we are loud.

let us be sirens.