we would like to answer all your frequently asked questions. anything else missing? write to us via e-mail or dm us on instagram!

why does the archive exist?

through our own experiences, exchanges with our closest friends and in public, we have long felt that there is a mass of memories simmering that cannot find a place to be expressed and taken seriously. We are not an offer of help in the traditional sense (of course you can find help contacts here). we want to make the number of unreported cases visible that we can only quietly guess at. We want to create a collective that looks out for each other, listens to each other and is seen. we are many, we are loud, we are sirens!

who is allowed to make a post here?

the archive is an open space for all personal experiences and memories, REGARDLESS of sex, gender, age and origin.

are there rules?

we actually have 3 basic rules: 1. you only write for yourself. no "my grandma, my friend, my neighbor..." memories. 2. phenotypical or supposedly origin-designating descriptions of abusers are a no-go, so are their real names. 3. your archive contribution is not a place for acknowledgements or criticism of the archive. please feel free to send us an email at any time via

what happens with the entries?

this archive is a publicly readable, growing, living construct of our collective memories. a relic of injustice and the disclosure of structural problems. your contribution can be read publicly. but there is no comment function, nothing can be shared or liked. we, kim and lise, want to bring your messages out of the digital space and into the analog world. as artists, we will always pursue approaches to make the mass of memories accessible and understandable. news about this can be found on our Instagram.

i want to delete my entry!

you have sent an entry but feel unsafe or scared and would like to delete it? please send us an email to and we will take care of your request as soon as possible!

how does the translate function work in the archive?

you can now have all archive entries translated into your preferred language. the translate button automatically uses the language that your browser uses by default. for more visibility!

how can you be supported?

have a look here!